Referee Information

Referee Information


There is a new process instituted by US Soccer for you to complete all your Grassroots Referee certification requirements online through the US Soccer Learning Center. (“Grassroots” designation has replaced the Grade 9, Grade 8 and Grade 7 designation.) Use the US Soccer Learning Center to RECERTIFY as a referee OR to become a NEW referee. Note, the process and instructions are slightly different whether you are re-certifying as an existing referee, or you are becoming a new referee for the first time. There are detailed instructions in the links below.

Questions? Contact Wayne Robinson –

RE-CERTIFYING REFEREES (e.g. You were a referee in any of the past three years. You had a 2017 or 2018 or 2019 USSF referee patch.) Recertify through the US Soccer Learning center. This re-certification process is completely online. The general process is to first “Sign Up” in the US Soccer Learning Center by creating a unique identity (using a unique email address) in the US Soccer Learning Center.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The US Soccer Learning Center has linked to USSF historical referee data. So, based on your entered name and date of birth, the Learning Center will prompt you with something similar to “Legacy Data – We found a matching referee record in our historical data. Please confirm…” You should select “confirm” so your historical license data will be imported into your Learning Center profile.

Then register for the “2020 Louisiana Grassroots Referee Re-certification” course. Then complete the four course assignments.

Use this link for detailed instructions on How to Recert as a Soccer Referee in LA 2020:

NEW REFEREES (You have never been a referee before, or the last time you were a certified referee was 2016.) The process to become a referee consists of online course material and an in-person field session.

First, “Sign Up” in the US Soccer Learning Center by creating a unique identity (using a unique email address) in the US Soccer Learning Center. Detailed instructions are in a link below.

Then register for one of the New Referee In-Person courses at your desired location.

The following two links will guide you through the process to become a “Grassroots” soccer referee in Louisiana.


Detailed Instructions:

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